October 4, 2023

A man has accused a teacher of sending sexually charged texts to his 15-year-old student.

Instagram user @jay.mzz shared screenshots of the sexts the male teacher sent to his underaged female student to ask for sex when school resumes after the lockdown.

The contents of the chat are shocking and it even includes a photo of a couple having sex. The student made it clear that she didn’t appreciate the texts but the teacher kept using lewd words as he tried to encourage her to consider what he was proposing.

When the student reminded him that he’s older than her, he told her that the age difference is just a few years.

Sharing screenshots of the alleged chats and photos of the teacher, the Instagram user wrote: “This is the conversation a 15 year old SS 2 student had with her teacher. This is a very disturbing and irking action and a person like this should not be in any position to work around minors. Whoever is in contact with this man should bring this to the notice of his colleagues and employees before anything more chaotic happens to these kids.”

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