June 8, 2023

An APC stalwart in the state and mining mogul, Ambassador AbdulFatai Yahaya Seriki Gambari, has called for prayer from all Muslim faithfuls on the occasion of this Eid day. He made this call to press men this morning while talking to some some news men in his residence.

He said the country is presently facing a scourge of pandemic and he calls on Muslims to “therefore, seize this chance to pray to Allah to drive the scourge away from our land and the entire world.”

He also calls for increased faith among our people and a high moral compass among our youths. He said, “at a time like this, even as we look forward to a scientific breakthrough, faith and hope in the face of austerity and high moral standard will take us a long way.”

He further added that the faith we have in ourselves is quickly ossifying because of moral decay that has so long been sustained in our society, and has become so pervasive now that we can hardly bear it. “Not to say,” he further noted, “that the pandemic we battle today is a result of our evil deeds, but, indeed, to take note of the fact that we cannot ignore God injunctions and expect no consequence for doing so.”

He says we must let the lessons of Ramadan dwell with us, and we must increase our good deeds these days and not decrease it.

He finally prayed for the state, the governor of the state and congratulate him ahead of his nearing one year in office.

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