October 4, 2023


Sodeinde Ebenezer

But for COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Prince Dapo Abiodun would have roll out the drum in a big way penultimate week, specifically on May 29th to celebrate the one year anniversary of what the Government reffered to as gaint strides across the state. The giant strides could however be dissected in literary or even in concrete forms. It all depends on who is doing the categorization of accessement.

Be that as it may, from all intents and purposes, any objective accessor cum observer will discover that the people of Ogun West, particularly those of core Yewa extraction would be seen as the weeping zone of the current Prince Dapo Abiodun’s one year led administration in Ogun State. While the Awori axis can actually point to a kind of half bread that is always better than none, maybe on the account of having the Deputy Governor’s position from their end. The Ikola/Navy Road in Osi/Ray Power Road, Ota that linked Ogun State to Lagos in that axis was actually started under the previous government of Sen Ibikunle Amosun has been given a face-lift under this administration. Though, there were debates at a time about who was actually carrying out the project. Some section of the populace claimed it was the Living Faith Mission better known as Winners Chapel that was executing the project. But what is not up for debate is that the less than 3km road has been fixed under this administration. This is the very best of what the entire Ogun West zone has gotten in the one year of this administration.

While the lamentation of near total neglect of Ogun West people continue under this government and ones before it. The same cannot be totally be said of the other two senatorial districts. In Abeokuta, the Elite Road in Idi-Aba is under construction. So is Fajol road Iberokodo. The Abeokuta-Siun – Sagamu Expressway is enjoying some attention of work. At Kemta Housing Estate Abeokuta, a number of Yellow roofs are springing up in an area designated as Peace Court Estate. This is an indication of what present Government is doing at that axis.

In Ogun East, the government is currently working on about 8 roads projects according to information by the SSA on social media. The roads include those in Sagamu, Ijebu Ode, Oru-Awa, Ijebu Ode/Epe Expressway and others. This is more like saying he who plays the piper dictates the tune as we can see clearly where the interest of the Government of the day is. Nothing has actually changed in the management of the State affairs in terms of who get what and the interest of the man that calls the short.

So far in the area of Project implementation, Ogun West is on the back foot. The zone is the outcast. The Atan/Agbara road despite its importance to the economic development of the State is in bad shape. Same is Ota-Ojuore-Idiroko road. The Agosasa Odo/Afa bridge is still a disgrace and eyesore to any sitting Government that cares about her citizens. The Egua – Oja Odan – Ilashe road that linked the entire 4 Lgs of Yewa initiated by Amosun led government is becoming something else other than road. This is one road that can open up the entire Yewa section of the State.

On human capital development and appointment, Ogun West is not faring any better. While they are some Local Government with more than one commissioner and Special Adviser status in Ogun East in particular, a whole local government of Imeko Afon in Ogun West cannot boast of a single commissioner in the Government. Even in the Media and Communication Department that have assemblage of more than a football team as appointee, only one person is considered good enough into the team from Ogun West with a status of an SSA.

Clearly, the people of Ogun West are fast becoming a bystander and spectator in the current government. In one year of this government, we are already having deformities and dysfunctions of projects and governmental presence against Ogun West. The vicious cycle of neglect has continue unabated in the last one year of this administration. The region appears to be trapped in endless orgy of underdevelopment on account of continuous lack of governmental presence. Presently, there’s no social justice in the distribution and allocation of resources across the state. It all skewed against Ogun West particularly the Yewa axis.

Truth be told, we cannot have a developed Ogun State in the real sense of the word without a developed Ogun West. The believe and orientation of those leading the State must reflect this. Equitable distribution of the State resources is surest way of building virile State. The government of the day must begin to see Ogun West people as equal Stakeholder in the Ogun State project. A needed partner in progress and not just a people to be conquered through their votes to fulfill electoral righteousness. The pursuit of equity in programs, projects, policies and opportunities in plural state like ours offers not only emotional sense of belonging to all stakeholders. But it also aids integration and cohesion that can foster unity and development.

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