October 4, 2023

There was a mild drama at an Ilorin magistrate court on Tuesday as father of an allegedly gang raped seventeen years old teenagers ran away with his daughter.


CME NEWS gathered that the father was said to have brought the girl to court so that she could testify against her cousin, Omotosho Yahaya, and two others who all conspired to abuse her sexually.


Meanwhile, Police FIR revealed that the first defendant, Yahaya allegedly lured her cousin to his friends House; Mustapha Ridwan and Mustapha Ahmed where they committed the crime.


To the amazement of many, the victim’s father suddenly ran out of court and jumped on a standby motorcycle with his daughter then, zoomed off.


Fanatics efforts made by the security operatives who immediately swung into action and chased the duo could not yield any success as they become invisible.


The Director of Child, Ministry of Women Affairs, Mariam Yusuf, who was watching the brief with the members of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), informed us after the court session that father and his daughter will surely be arrested before the next adjourned date.


“The rape case was reported to our office yesterday, we joined them in court today, when we interrogated the victim, we suspected she has been intimidated and threatened to turn the story around. She said she was not actually raped but molested. In a bid to revenge the assault, she lied against the culprits.


“When the hearing commenced, the culprits’ lawyer applied for bail but it refused.


Surprisingly, when Magistrate wanted to give ruling, the girl jumped up and ran away with her father. The action established the fact that she was raped but doesn’t want to tell the truth. The FIDA has taken it up, the father will be arrested and definitely, he will be able to produce the victim,” she said.


Magistrate Afusat Alege, in his ruling, adjourned the matter to 29th of this month.



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