June 10, 2023

Dignitaries Honour Amb. Yahaya Seriki As He Celebrates Wife’s Birthday

Panache, flair, style, class, royalty and unrivaled elegance were some attributes that could best describe the grandeur atmosphere of Peace Street, off Awolowo Road-Tanke, Ilorin, when popular socialite, businessman and politician Abdulfatai Yahaya Seriki-Gambari played host to personalities in the state’s social circle to celebrate his wife, Fatimah, entrance into this world.

The corporate chalet get-together was planned to be a small hangout with friends, but the influence of the Ilorin born politician in the social scene made it imperative for anyone who heard about it to shed other appointments to mark attendance at the small but colorful event.

As the day wound down and the tone set for memorial cake cutting, the Tanke home of the top socialite was gradually filled with obvious friends and well wishers of Gambari who all trooped in, to rejoice with his lovely wife.

But little did the guests knew that the Kwara topshots would also be part of merry. The Chairman and General Manager of Kwara United Football Club, Mr Kunbi and Badawiy were in attendance respectively, couple with other dignitaries who pleaded anonymity.

The presence of top socialites signaled Gambari’s status in his homeland, Ilorin, while politicians, apart from being a die hard fans of the birthday girl’s husband, were also roving socialites who enjoy life to the fullest.

The presence of notable youth leaders from across Kwara, added color to the monotonous of the day. Also, his right hand man, Hon. Kale Oloje made sure that there was no hitch at the party, as he played the maintenance and orderliness role so well.

It was an overwhelming gathering of cream de la cream of the society who were treated to sumptuous meals and assorted drinks, while observing the social distancing as instructed by the authorities, owing to the Covid19 pandemic.

We wish the birthday girl many happy returns

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