October 1, 2023


“When I am in Court, I do not ask Lawyers to leave the inner Bar just because I am a silk. All I need is just a space to sit down and place my files. I recall that one day at the Federal High Court, Abuja, I insisted that Lawyers who were already sitting at the inner Bar before I arrived Court should remain seated and the presiding Judge said that it is the Court that can grant permission and not me. I had to apologize to his Lordship.

There is nothing to show that I am better than others who are not SANs. I remember very vividly that one of the Lawyers who was struggling to carry his files to leave the inner Bar then has since become a SAN. This is my view about life. So, for those who believe one set is more superior than the other, I believe they are missing the point. It is self-aggrandizement to think that way. It is an unnecessary pride and if there is a Profession that pays premium to humility and honour, it is the Legal Profession. That is why we say that it is a noble and honourable Profession. Every member is presumed to be noble and honourable.”

*Dele Adesina SAN*

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