October 1, 2023

Two gangs clashed in alore area of ilorin Kwara State, destroying at least 10 vehicles along with shops.

SHO PEN ONLINE Learnt that the Trouble ensued between two groups of hoodlums in Oloje and Alore communities in Ilorin West Local government, kwara state following the disagreement over the hike price of illicit drugs known as ganja.

According to report the clash started at a selling point of illicit drugs at Oloje around 8:30pm on Tuesday when one of the customers from Alore community complain of hike in price of cannabis.
The source said the complainant was reported to have been seriously beaten with various degree of injuries, explaining that when the boy reports back the incident to his group they sent for amicable settlement.

He said “Reconciliation team sent to settle the matter was also harrased and molested”.

He stressed that the development which further rose the anger of Oloje gangs and violently launched attack on Alore residents with firing of several gun shots at 1:am on Wednesday where property include private, commercial vehicles and shops were vandalized.

As at the time of filling this report, youth in Alore regrouping for reprisal attack on Oloje community later in the day

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