December 6, 2023

A former Nigerian soldier has narrated how a fellow soldier shot him in the middle of a fierce battle with the popular Boko Haram terrorist group.

The war veteran who spoke anonymously while on a live video call in program with Sandra, revealed that he was a high ranking sniper who hardly missed a target.

He stated that despite being a left handed, he was a master raking down his enemies when in battle.

“I’m an ex soldier, we were fighting Boko haram, I’m a left handed person, my parents thought I was dead, I was fighting, one of our soldiers shot me on my waist, they spoke in Hausa meaning that I killed Boko haram too much, they shot a woman and her daughter, i was trying to save her second child, i was running, they shot me.”

“I was barely breathing, it took the grace of God for me to survive.”

When asked by Sandra the host, whether he was shot on purpose, he replied that he was shot on purpose. “I don’t miss my target as a sniper, I’m one of the best snipers. I resigned because I don’t want to serve the country again” he states.

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