October 1, 2023

There is a popular saying in Yoruba Language which reads thus ” ikatiobato ni anfi runmu’. This means that the finger that fits should be used in picking the nose.

The question that readily comes to ones mind, is how do we identity the finger that fits, this is simple, every consciously or unconsciously picks nose one in a while and while doing this, the index is the finger that is often used

In our society there is always an index who is capable of solving the problems encountered by people and same is what we need in the NBA.

For a long period we have been having issues of disunity among the members of the bar at the National level and lack of trnasprancy in the administration of the Bar.

How the we solve this problem? Then we need to identify the index among the aspirants to the National Bar who is the most capable and the index among them. I present to you a man, a deacon, the hope of the Bar, because:
1, He is well experienced. He has held many important positions in NBA including publicity secretary, secretary, Chairman, ikeja branch and General Secretary NBA. While other did not hold any executive post, they only served in the committee created by their Wole Olanipekun led administration. An index is not someone that will do experiments for 1 year. But someone who will hit the ground running immediately upon assuming office

2. He is tested and trusted. With him we know where we are going, with others, we don’t know where we are going.

3. He is a human rights activist, a dogged fighter who has organized, joined protest over the violations of colleagues’ rights by security enforcement agencies.

4. He is more sound intellectually than others. Listen to him and fall for him. How I wish the Electoral body could organize presidential debate so we know our levels.

5. He has a richer profile, he has an ideal on how to transform NBA. Modern NBA conference started with their administration.

The man is Dele Adesina SAN, Dele is the finger that fits and must be elected as the Bar leader of the NBA, with Dele the future of the Bar is secured and guaranteed.


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