December 7, 2023

He has the experience.

He has the connections.

He has the poise.

He has good human relations. He is a down to earth gentleman.


I have seen him serve, I have  been a beneficiary of part of his past leadership and I draw inspiration from him. We have been in the Bar business together since 1998! I talk about what I have seen, experienced and handled, as Apostle Paul would say.


Nobody has engaged me to campaign for Dele Adesina SAN. I am a self acclaimed campaigner. I am convinced of what I am saying and doing.


By His grace, I have passed the stage of flattery or purchase of conscience. At this stage, I only do what I am convinced about.


I only campaign for DASAN on personal conviction.


He is a good candidate that I believe will take the NBA to higher level.


Dr. Abiola Adimula

Former Chairperson,

FIDA Kwara.

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