December 7, 2023

Leadership Appraisal Forum team led by Emperor Genghis Cdorf yesterday the 24th of July 2020 visited the Kwara State headquarters of Police to congratulate PPRO Ajayi Okasanmi who was recently promoted to the Rank of Superintendent of Police.

(SP). Ajayi Okasanmi who is presently serving tirelessly in the Kwara State Command, Under the Commissioner of Police, CP Kayode Egbetokun. Was so delighted to receive the member of LAF in his office and he expressed how much love he has for the Organisation.


Both the founder of LAF and the Celebrant gave a short speech and (SP). Ajayi Okasanmi  gave his word of assurance over the scenergy between their institutions and the Organization.

Few Among the young And vibrant Entrepreneur  of the leadership Appraisal Forum who made it to the meeting was chief consultant White Unicorn Consult, Akinsola Samuel, Mr Abdulakeem Laaro, Miss Rafat Mosunmola., And the Crystals Media Team who as credit to the below pictures/videos of the visit.


A customized congratulatory Greeting card was presented with pictures. Scroll up to have a glimpse of the event.

Emperor Genghis Cdorf with PPRO Ajayi Okasanmi


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