June 10, 2023


My attention has just been drawn to the purported rejection of the above endorsement by some members of the Arewa Lawyers Forum. About some hours ago, somebody shared it with me and to my surprise, I saw my name written boldly as one of the members who signed this rejoinder/disclaimer against endorsement of the Arewa Lawyers Forum in favour of Mr Dele Adesina SAN. I want to state in clear terms that no one sought my consent to the purported rejoinder or disclaimer. As such, I did not give my consent. I want members of the public to take note that I am not a party to it and I can’t be party to this. I am a man of honour and personal integrity, I can’t participate in this dirty politics they are playing.

As lawyers, we are all honorable men and should therefore stick to the ethics of our profession. I implore my colleagues to disregard this statement for it is fake, misleading , vexatious and calculated attempt by some mischief makers to create disaffection and disunity amongst members of the Arewa Lawyers Forum.

Thank you all and may God bless us all.


Mustapha Sadiq,
Chairman, NBA Lafia.

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