October 1, 2023

Nigerian goment say state goment dem plus school administrators make dem make plans and prepare for di full reopening of schools for di kontri.

Di National Coordinator of di Presidential Taskforce, Sani Aliyu tell tori pipo dis one for Abuja during di Presidential taskforce briefing on Covid-19 on Thursday.

Aliyu tok wen im outline di new guidelines for di third phase of di eased lockdown for di kontri wey dey begin effective midnight.

E explain say educational institutions like daycare, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions gatz begin prepare to see how dem fit open within dis third phase of di easing of di lockdown.

E say di taskforce recommendation na be say make state goment dem conduct risk assessment to ensure say all schools for every level follow di lay down covid 19 protocol and also make sure dem get strategy on ground to take monitor how di schools dem dey ready.

Oga Aliyu say all schools dem gatz remain close to in classes studies until di state goment dem cari out dia risk assessment and dey sure say everitin dey kampe.

E say if school ready to open, dem no go open at once, dem go do am stage by stage to prevent di spread of covid 19 to vulnerable group wey fit catch di disease from school pikin dem.

Under di third phase of di easing of di lockdown, FG also extend di nationwide curfew wey bin dey in place for di kontri for months now from 10:00pm-4:00pm to 12am-4:00am.

Dis one no apply to essential workers and those wey just dey return from abroad.

Na for March 30, di president bin first order total lockdown for Lagos, Ogun and Abuja to stop di spread of di virus.

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