Saraki Peace Ambassador Movement Celebrate NANS as we mark world literacy day.

Dear NANS,

Today being the world literacy day, we celebrate with you.

Just as we have read about your ever Constitent campaign against illiteracy through your Literacy Competition and eccentric approach to school unionism, we say thank you.

Unlike a man who changed from been a comrade to a governor and later a Party National Chairman, your beginning gave us a great impression that your representation is worth it and we outside the schools are watching and reading about you day and night.

We want to particularly appreciate the Zone C P.R.O because he has been the case study to which we jot our view and other executives also are not exempted, you guys are amazing.

We urge you to do more to enhance the free and basic academical knowledge for an average Nigeria.

As we join millions of litrates across the globe to pen celebrate all thinkers and writers, we say let the message be read.

Saraki Peace Ambassadors Movement National HQ. or


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