June 9, 2023

Following flood disaster in Kwara State, which has displaced over 15,000 people, the State Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on Tuesday met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House in Abuja to seek the federal government’s assistance.

The governor, speaking to newsmen after meeting with the president, disclosed that the flooding led to a loss amounting to about N10 billion.

He said he requested for the president’s intervention to reduce the sufferings of the people of the state whose houses and farmlands have been destroyed by the floods, which he feared, will result to low harvest.

AbdulRazaq stated, “I came to the President, among other things, to discuss ecological and developmental issues. And over the weekend, we had a huge rainstorm that destroyed about 5,000 houses in the state capital.

“We had huge flooding in Kwara North and the bank of River Niger. There are a lot of internally displaced people at the bank of River Niger and in the state capital. The state needs virtual aid to abate the crisis.

“We have about 5,000 houses and thousands of hectares of farmland are underwater. Close to about 10,000 to 15,000 people are already displaced so far. So, it’s straining the State’s economy. That is why we need virtual aid.”

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