October 1, 2023

NAIJA SSS! (sixty still silly)

Written:Seye Adenle

It’s simply hypocrisy,
To dance on a day like this
Like everything is fine with our being.

We are sixty,true!
But, still acting silly
Like a baby would always do.

We have bound as a nation
In sufferings
By greedy leaders with silly tactics.

Graduates already forgetting
the chance of getting jobs
After graduations.

Great nation,fertile land!
In hands of politicians known
For credible lies.

Merits don’t count,
for you the type with no connections,
Our unity is on threat,
Police too ain’t our friends,
It’s shameful to see how they are
Criminalizing protests.

How do we move forward,
If peace is all about negotiations?
How do we get along,
If we can’t breathe joy amongst

How do we prosper
With a dangling economy?
How do we progress with a GDP not stable?

How do we develop,
If We remain poverty capital of the

How do we advance since
Fabrics of our social system
already compromised?

How do we co-exist
If northern kaduna and southern
Kaduna keep killing one another
In the same kaduna?

Our elections are not truly elections
But, political selections.
Vote no longer count
Except through courts.

Sixty years of errors,
With so many works to be done

If it’s prayers,
Do we say the Lord is deaf to redeemers?
Or is he partial to winners?
Or he listens not to the congregation
at nasfat?
It’s clear our problem is not about prayer.

What exactly is the problem of
How do we fix it,
to make it better?
Respect to the founding fathers
They did tried.
But,it’s too sad the present actors
Had derailed from the agenda.

British too tried
But,we need to let them know,
the countries they make one country
Is not working.
It’s evident in how we are

It’s good to be sixty
But,shameful we are still silly
And untill we reason,
There may not be ending
To our lootings…

(C)Seye Adenle
Photography Tope A Asokere

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