October 4, 2023


Written:Seye Adenle

Ade, why not
admire the character
of legendary Sankara,
the riches of mansa Musa!
And the bravery of shaka Zulu.?

Let their desires
prompts you to pickup your camera,
aim at the right shots in your lane
be sure your subject of focus
is well framed.

To acheive this,
Ensure you set
the right aperture,
For true success is all about
The lights of wisdom
That flows within us.

Obstacles will appear
like pirates
But, it’s a must
You block them
like turbulent light rays.

Many are the objects,
That will want
to block the sensor of
your direction
shoot with the right shutter speed.

Squeeze negative vibe away
Like tissue
But if it comes again,
brighten it up With your ISO.

For life can never be sweet
without challenges
My papa say so.

Don’t be deceived,
That images can’t be captured
in the darkest place,
Remember, you have been
Trained to survive at all cost
Even in the most doubted place.

Be stable in your attitude
For,no one admire shaky shots
Use this wisdom right
Like you must use tripod to acheive
Stability with your device.

Finally, be Proud of who you are
As a true pan African.

And remember, all move in sync…


(C) Seye Adenle,2020

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