December 4, 2023


Your seeds are conspicuous
in all seasons,
for you strikes with innuendos
to keep us on toes!

You hide your face
in mystery as virtue
infuse in men mystical values.

You are many things
that reflects in all things,
like a search light,
you aid discoveries.

Tik tok, tik tok
Is the sounds
You envelope in seconds
to drive us slowly home.

He who lavish your grace,
should be considered
to have committed the worst

You’re too swift like the winds
to the soul that fret.
and not fast to birth magic
to the mind that wait.

you remind us our breathes count,
so close like our nose
to the mouth
Truth,only few could grasp
Many are still of the opinion
it’s not yet the time.

dopey like snails
you roll into our days,
took the laggy man by surprise
to wag his teeth to cry
And wish he could have
Bought time!

Time is the life
we breathes in&outside
To put us wrong or right
Our most priority
that shouldn’t be handle
with fragility.

the only religion
humanity perfectly understand
and render account to.

I pray you time,
not to pass me by
If I leer at your dainty tidings
to fix my path right

I’ll adjust right in your
Fortune’s house
and spread smiles
To heal lives

For I know it’s my time…

(C)Seye Adenle

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