September 21, 2023

As EndSARS protest in Nigeria heightens, President Muhammadu Buhari has said that youths are entitled to peaceful protests.

He made this known during a meeting with the Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Sunday Dare

Speaking to state house correspondents after the meeting with President Buhari, the Minister pleaded for more time to enable the federal government implement some demands of the #EndSARS protesters as promised.

In Dare’s words; “Mr. President said the youths of this country have spoken and he has heard and he has since gone to work for the youths of our country.

The President promised that he will make sure that the reforms he has promised are met, he will confirm that the reforms are long lasting which the reforms will deliver for our country a police that we’ll be pleased with.

He appreciates the very fact that they have brought the SARS issues to the fore through their peaceful protest.

He recognises the very fact that they have called upon the govt to try and do what’s necessary which as the President and a father, he will ensure that the demands as suggests are met.

The President said that as far as he’s concerned, it’s important to allow the younger generation to exercise the liberty to protest and ensure that such protest is in a peaceful manner.

He said that a part of the demands that were made is to make sure that those protesting are protected and that any policeman that has in one way or the other attacked any protesters be brought to book.

So the President thinks it’s a fundamental right, he thinks so long because the protest is peaceful and focused.

He believes that the youths of this country have the proper to demand for sure things.


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