September 22, 2023


The Most peaceful and impactful Political Organization in Nigeria, Saraki Peace Ambassador Movement has today while addressing press men of C.M.E News condemned the looting of Kwara State business environment within the state capital.

He said “the protest ongoing in the Country is well understood and the course is definitely worth it but looting Private business facilities is disheartening”.

Fighting for just course is right but for other motives attracts punishment from God and Man.

He also plea to State Government to ensure the Safety of all as well as their properties as we are whom you sworn to protect.

Although the Kwara State Government has not done enough as regards Welfarism of Kwarans but we as Peaceful agents also beg all Citizens of Kwara State to obey government curfew which is imposed to calm the security situation of the state.

We also advise Security agencies to be Tactical and Sensical in thier approach to anyone while the curfew is on and after.

As Global Ambassador of Peace, We say Preach Peace and you will live in Peace.

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