October 4, 2023


The globally recognised peaceful Political Organization called Saraki Peace Ambassador Movement S.P.A.M today at the headquarters accused the present Kwara state government for been inhumane and callous.

The statement released by the National Coordinator of the Movement, Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde through office of the National Publicity Secretary state that the government had failed Kwarans at all sides.

“You brought hardship on Kwarans and still hiding Covid 19 Palative that is meant for kwarans, We challenge the APC led government in the state to prove us wrong.

When people out of political offices like our Principal, Amb.Sen. Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki was busy connecting directly to the masses through Absfoundationng, the government that was supposed to be responsive and responsible for them were busy hiding their foods and items.

“If you can’t give them, don’t steal from them.

He also stated that the present administration was brought into power by sentiment and propaganda.

It’s so unfortunate to have witnessed the ugly incident whereby many people have turned themselves to thieves and looters. We strongly condemned this act and urge kwarans to be law abiding at all time.

Despite the fact that Kwarans can now see the difference in governance.

We also urge all Saraki Peace Ambassador Movement members to assist Kwara business owners whose business facilities have been looted in recovering as part of their roles in building a better Kwara and Nigeria.

God bless Kwara, Nigeria and restore the peace of the world.



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