June 8, 2023

Fully Armed with the intelligence of the biblical King Solomon and the grace of King David, Zenith Bank founder, Jim Ovia’s success story is a clear indication that; truly hardwork pays. Those close to him often avered that; he is a man with a clear foresight. Some often call him ‘A Man Who Sees Tomorrow’. When he founded Zenith Bank 30years ago, he had the vision of creating a bank that was going to metamorphose into one of the biggest banking brand in Nigeria and by extension Africa. His bank is uniquely known for its banking hall all glass-designs laced with its white and red colour symbol, which connotes strength, purity and peace.

Highly cosmopolitan and urbane, super dandy Jim has never despise his humble begining, he always reflect back on his past. Apart from Banking, he has his hands tied on many pies of business including; real estate and telecoms. The Delta born Billionaire is regarded as one of Nigeria’s ‘Selfmade Billionaire’. With his Jim Ovia Foundation Initiative, he has empowered millions of youth with entrepreneural grants and also sponsored education for thousands of children across the country under his scholarship scheme. At the height of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the graduate of Business Administration from Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, donate a whopping sum of 1billion Naira to support the government by cushioning the effect of the virus on citizens.

As the author of ‘Africa Rise and Shine’, celebrated his 69th birthday on Wednesday the 4th of November, with no fanfare, several goodwill message reeled in from different part of the world in celebration of a man with the Heart of Gold. As he has always loved to keep his private life off the media, he only celebrated with his family.
Sources said; He only spent the day with his wife and kids as they just celebrated him with a family dinner and they all sang birthday song for him and praying to his creator for long life. “Chairman would not throw any big celebration not even with the looming second wave of COVID-19. We are planning his 70th birthday next year and it’s going to be grand. We would be unveiling several philanthropic project and also he might probably unveil his next book to mark his 70th birthday.”


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