October 1, 2023

Eleyinju ege
say yes
There may not be other time
So,consider my request.

Delay would weary me inside
Follow me to see maami
She had longed to see the face
Could make her son
enjoy meal outside.

I had looked carefully
round the city
Iwo ni kan ni obinrin na
Whose talk
could arose my feelings

Do you know
Your beauty is what compelled me
To salivate
For the phrase call love?

The virgin noon I met you
Your scent burns away my inner troubles
I was thinking you sell perfumes
Not until I realized,
It was your presence
That almost turn me to a fool.

Be the pool,the waters and stream
I shall love to dive inside daily
Gbo ohun ti mo n wi
It’s you alone I chose
to swallow my big thing
With me,
You I’ll learn many things
Including how to be the real you.

My attention to you is insured
At the thick of the night,
In my room with you ololufe !
You can’t, but moan my name
Count on me always
I’ll be there to drill you deep.

For your sake,
I would pray
the weather to change its dance
So we can produce sweats
That’ Ll wash away all our pains.

Eni bi okan mi,
Your smile is all that
Gives me a perfect feeling
Your tears would only make me weak
I need you alone by my side
To kill
arrays of lusts that floats
Around me

Tele MI kalo mo ile wa
I want to enjoy
And go through life’s journey with you
I won’t be tired to write you poems…


Eleyinju ege:one with a seductive eyes
Amope: A Yoruba feminine name
Ololufe: lover
Iwo ni kan ni obinrin na:You’re the only woman
Gbo ohun ti mo n wi:listen to what i’m saying
Eni bi okan mi:one with my kind of heart
Tele MI kalo mo ile wa:follow me to our house.



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