Mr waka waka! Written: Seye Adenle

Mr waka waka!

Written:Seye Adenle


that you’re on a journey
of two sides like coin
a mission
Stretch and unbend like guns!

I hope your inner eyes could see,
the tactics and the ambush
I hope you can hear
The roaring of lions,
Praying you crash on their teeths?

I hope you see their thoughts,
How they want you to dance
to their songs,
so you could forget the treasure

Mr Waka Waka,
Your foots print,they say it’s a noise!
your exploits,they claim disturbs,
If you listen, you’re finish.

They don’t want you
to catch a glimpse
the beauty of those dreams
You have been nursing for long.

Mr Waka Waka,
Do not stop to forge,
keep building,
Break laws and create some
Becareful of what you take,
Plan your mates
Be smart to choose,
who go along with you on the way

for,many knows many ways,
You have to know your way
Yea,thou must know thy way…

Mr Waka Waka…

(C)Seye Adenle

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