April 1, 2023

In 2017, DJ Consequence released his 11-track debut project, ‘Vibes, The Mixtape.’ The experimental Afro-pop heralded the rise of one of Nigeria’s most popular DJs and it’s now been followed up by a more assured, more astute and a better rounded effort. It is the nine-track EP, ‘Vibes From The Future.’

Albums might have become a means of announcing artistry as well as a form of income generation for DJs across the world, but this EP is more about showcasing the art of Afro-pop. It is aso a joyous celebration of astute A&Ring and the sumptuous beauty of melodic Afro-pop.

The features were impressively picked and every song is fused together into a fulfilling set of joyous African pop music. The aim of the EP is to create a collection of feel-good pop records with a Mixtape feel and it was achieved. Unlike other projects with this approach, it excels due to its cohesion and progression, on a track-by-track EP.

After listening to this EP, an ignorant listener would not be surprised if he/she heard that a DJ put the project together. The beat selection on the EP is definitely impressive.

The EP opens up to adlibs from and Rema-esque deliveries from talented MNLDBlock Party act, VictonyThe mid-tempo rumble of melody titled, ‘Bad Mami’ is an ode to a beautiful black woman. It’s also a worthy album opener. It’s also interesting how Victony sounds like a love child of Rema, Alpha P and CKay.

‘Enter’ and ‘Adora’ are two of the most impressive Amapiano records that Nigeria produced in 2020. The reason is simple; they are not solely based on percussion like the other failed Nigerian Amapiano experiments. Instead, they have melodies and Brown Joel, Mc Fish and DNA provided the amazing lamba. Of the two, ‘Adora’ is the better record.

But by ‘Jo (Dance),’ it becomes apparent that the album is only getting better. The record is characterized by a well-measured balance of dynamic shock value percussion and astute melodies. Barry Jhay, Jason and Freescool were all amazing and fluid on the record.

The trail of club records continues with ‘Soju,’ delivered in a mix of English, Yoruba and Pidgin. The record seems created around a woman, a love story and a lively, desired party. From a songwriting standpoint, Buju and Lyta cancel each other out on a mid-tempo record titled, ‘Sade.’ If marketed properly, the love song feels like a certain hit with women.

For diversity, the opulence-based ‘Floss’ sees amazing performance by Nifty and Abstrakkt. However, this writer would have loved to hear Bella Shmurda on the track. Dagbana Orisa comes along on the final track of the EP alongside Oxlade. What an amazing record!

‘Uber (Refix)’ is a forgettable record though. ‘Vibes From The Future’ might also not be the best title for this beautiful EP. On a final note and with the exception of ‘Lungu Riddim,’ ‘Sade’ and ‘Floss,’ the EP had more ‘vibes’ that astute and coherent songwriting. ‘Jo’ is created on a confusing plot and ‘Bad Mami,’ though impressive is topically incoherent.

Credit must go to Consequence though. The songs are sweet enough to make the finicky listeners forget all the flaws. Take a bow, Consequence!































Source: Pulse Nigeria

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