December 4, 2023

Professor Umar Labdo, a university don and Fulani activist has condemned the quit notice issued to Fulani herders in Ondo and some part of Southwest over alleged complicity in kidnapping and other sundry crimes.

According to the Fulani activist, herdsmen have the right to reside in any part of the country in line with Nigeria’s constitution.

While speaking with Daily Sun on Sunday, January 31, Labdo said the evacuation notice to herdsmen belies the position of the constitution which grants Nigerians freedom and rights to reside in any part of the country irrespective of tribes and faiths.

Umar Labdo says Yoruba people living in the north may be banished should the attack on Fulani herders continue in the southwest.

Speaking in an interview, Labdo attacked both Sunday Igboho and Governor Akeredolu, saying their actions can lead to counter-attack on Yoruba people living where “the arms of law cannot reach.”

“This Governor Akeredolu, he is a Yoruba man, he is expelling my people, the Fulani, from his own state. Now, we have Yoruba in Fulani states.
“We have Yoruba in Kano, we have them in Adamawa and we have them in cities and very small villages, they are living in peace. You find them where the arms of the law cannot reach, where there is no presence of police at all.

“So people, in retaliation, can do whatever they want to do to them. Just like their brothers are doing to us in the bush.So you are saying, you hit me and I’ll hit back?”

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