December 5, 2023
The source who made this video Available has it that the 6 years boy is mode Omoroyi by name and benin boy. He said that him and his brother is not living with there father and mother they he sleeps in ring toad that a popular busstop in Benin city.
He also revealed that her mother is not living with the father, he provided information who they collected 2 police gun during endsars protest at Urban market road. Following this report he said that he has a small gun and they have killed Two persons in a Roberry operation which he confirmed.
He revealed that his brother keeps all the gun they used for Roberry which they collected from police station, Ads4naira Media report has it that they tricked a man who came to stay around them to help him download music inside his phone and the other person who talk to the man escaped with the phone and the man called vigilantee for him and he was arrested so currently that was how mode was  arrested in hand cuffs in the report.
During the interrogation with mode the 6yrs armed robber he revealed that his brother can be seen by 8pm in the evening, at where they use to assemble to share the money at the back of the filling station at TedFokatel in Benin city
The police has the boy mode in their custody as Investigation in still going to arrest his brother and family.

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