October 4, 2023

Nigerians have been reacting to the threat by Niger Delta militants to attack Abuja and Lagos over alleged marginalisation.

A group of Niger Delta militants, Supreme Egbesu Liberation Fighters, has threatened to destroy infrastructure in the economic and political headquarters of the country.

The militants, in the now-viral video posted on Tuesday by Africa Independent Television (AIT), accused the Federal Government of marginalising the region and failing to deliver on the amnesty programme.

A masked member of the group said: “After accepting the amnesty pact, till date, there are no schools, no potable water, no light, no hospital and access roads for our people to enjoy”.

The group also complained that “no meaningful progress has been made” with the Ogboni clean-up project “because the Nigerian government has decided to place politics against the meaningful development of our people”.

He added: “Over the years, the Niger Delta people have made frantic efforts to create an enabling environment… but to our great dismay, the Nigerian government over the years has decided to handle the issues of the Niger Delta with kid gloves. They have betrayed the struggle and have left the people to their fate.

“Rather, what is visible is the presence of military gunboat and the numerous military personnel dispersed to the Niger Delta who are killing, raping, and maiming the innocent people of the region.”

“Look at the security surveillance contract taking place in our region through the federal government these agencies have decided to shortchange our people.

“Now in our territorial waters, it is an Israeli company that is providing waterway security which we have competent hands with expert knowledge to manage.

“Don’t worry because we are coming to destroy all your infrastructure in Abuja and Lagos. As a group committed to giving total liberation to our people, we will destroy the oil facilities both onshore and offshore in no distant time, we will be seen to be crippling the Nigerian economy.”

The group however nominated ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike, to mediate between it and the Federal Government.

Nigerians have taken to social media to decry the threat of attacks by the militants, which is coming at a time when the country is grappling with banditry, kidnapping, killer herders and terrorism in various parts of the country.

Rotimi Olugade said: “This is the new profitable business in Nigeria now. Terrorism and Banditry…. Soon, going to school will be outdated. God will have to step in and help us. It is well with Nigeria”

Emeka (@Real_Mekz) on twitter said: “Their anger majorly is the poor implementation of the amnesty… The same amnesty Gumi is demanding that must be extended to all terrorists in the country even those from neighboring African countries rearing cows around.”

@bettybuzo said: “Niger-Delta Militants don’t warn before they attack. All I see is a group that wants to cash out just like the bandits. The moment bandits were paid ransom, I knew other groups will rise. FG didn’t know what they just started. Episode cash out season.

@AfomaAL said: “We already have so much going on as a country, there’s only so much more insecurity and instability we can handle.

@thiskwam said: “Niger delta militants threatening to destroy Lagos and Abuja is basically because they see the way this current administration is handling issues with bandits and terrorist.

@Imamazinggracia said: “Nigeria is full of shameful scripts. Just to make protesters be silent, they have the gut to make video defaming Niger Militants. So any further protest in Lagos and Abuja will be tagged as terrorism to destroy Lagos and Abuja is said in the video.. Nigeria no get Shame.”

@TempaCliffy said: “Kidnapping is now a lucrative business in Nigeria. Niger delta dey sleep. Person go wake am. Wahala continues……. Make we dey watch film.”

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