December 9, 2023

The honourable representing Omupo constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon. A.G.F. Salahudeen has described allegations against him as ‘false’, describing individuals behind his recall move as ‘disgruntled’.

Recall that a group, Concerned APC Youth Stakeholders of Ifelodun LGA, on February 11, hinted that it has commenced Salahudeen’s recall process over alleged failed representation.

Reacting to this, Salauhudeen during a press brief on Thursday, said, “I have tried as much as possible to refrain from joining issues with the ranting of some disgruntled individuals in our constituency for a while now because I don’t want to join issues with them.

“However, I decided to address this press conference in order to put some facts straight for the sake of posterity. If I keep quiet, their lies will be seen as truth. For this reason, I decided to attend to some fundamental issues raised by these disgruntled elements.”

Speaking on alleged hoarding of APC registration materials, he said, “This is laughable because I am an honourable member of the State House of Assembly representing the good people of Omupo Constituency. I am neither a member of the party’s Caretaker Committee in the state nor local government. Why would I be the one holding party registration documents? I will ask them where they keep their sense of reasoning.”

On his performance as a lawmaker, he stated, “The question here is what are the duties of an elected honourable member in the Assembly? The primary duty of the Member of Parliament all over the world is to legislate and make laws. Incidentally, I am a legal practitioner of repute with over 20years at bar experience. I have won many cases to my credit and have served in various capacities. So one cannot say I do not understand the content of the constitution and the process of lawmaking. The Speaker of the 9th Assembly and the Clark of the House can testify to the fact that I am an integral part of the House and indeed the Chairman House committee on Judiciary, Ethics and Ethics and Privilege. I am equally member of the House committee on Agric other House committees. I was the chairman Ad hoc committee that investigated the Local Government Fund. The records are there in the House for verification on my contributions on every issue on the floor of the House.

“However, I was born and brought up in the grass root. I live with the people at the grassroots. I dine and wine with the people at the grass root. This is what infirmed my contributions to the development of the 8 wards in my constituency aside from the primary function of law making.”

He further listed some of the projects and appointments he facilitated as a member of the State Assembly.

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