October 1, 2023

Afenifere, pan Yoruba so­cio-political organisation, on Friday, said it is not opposed to the calls for the actualisa­tion of Oduduwa Republic by activist, Sunday Adeyemi, popularly known as Sunday Igboho.

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, na­tional leader of the organisa­tion in a chat with Saturday INDEPENDENT said the only thing that can stop Yorubas from pulling out of the Fed­eral Republic is if President Muhammadu Buhari takes urgent steps to restructure the country and give the peo­ple an acceptable constitution.

According to him, they are not opposed to Igboho because he is speaking the minds of youths and masses of the country. He however said as elders they have been appealing to the youths to hold on and see if President Buhari will listen to the voice of reason by restructuring the country.

“Our position is clear, that is the position of the extreme ones in Yorubaland. That is why we are warning Buhari to do restructuring now. If he doesn’t do it, that is what is going to happen. The Yorubas will secede. We are trying to stop that and that is why we are asking the President to restructure the country now.

“The clamour for restruc­turing is all over the country now. Those of us who are ask­ing for restructuring now are the moderates. If not for the respect our people have for us, they would have stoned us because they believe we have been asking for restructuring over the years and nothing has come out of it. They are now saying ‘enough is enough’.

“But we are pleading with Buhari to save this na­tion from disintegration by restructuring and doing an acceptable constitution for us so that we can live in peace to­gether. For Igboho and others who are asking for secession, that is the wish of the youths and masses of this country. It is people like us who are pacifying them by asking for restructuring.

“So, our stand with them is that they should hold on and Buhari will be helping us to calm them down by doing the right thing because there is a limit to which we can stop them. Those who make peace­ful change impossible, makes violent revolution inevitable.

“We are not opposed to their stand on secession but we are asking them to hold on. If Buhari refuses, that will be the last resort” he said.

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