June 10, 2023

Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom has finally disclosed how he ran for close to two (2) kilometres after gunmen, numbering about 15, attacked him in his farm at Tyo-Mu community, near Makurdi, the state capital, yesterday morning.

Ortom said “You know today is Saturday and it is normal as a farmer, I usually go to my farm on Saturdays”, the governor told journalists after the gun attack yesterday. “So I went to my farm along Gboko Road and, while trekking out of the farm; on our way back, we started hearing gunshots and we saw people a little afar who were dressed in black and from experience, we realized that these were the criminal militia.

“I did not want to take things for granted because, few days ago, the media were awash with a statement from Miyetti Allah, which had met in Yola, the same place they met in 2016, where they declared that they will take over Nigeria and that every other person is a slave and that was when they started infiltrating the entire country.

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“They came out with a statement singling me out as the only person who is creating problem for the entire Fulani race.

“And behind the scenes, I also heard that in the meeting, I was targeted for elimination, this was the information I got. That they will go after me either in my home, farm or wherever they could get me.

“This is not the first time, I got intelligence report that these people said that they were going to kill my security aides and capture me alive and gradually kill me.

“But like I always say, my life is in the hands of God, not in the hands of any Fulani man or anybody whatsoever.

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