September 20, 2023


Written :Seye Adenle
Model Dasoromi Dasimi

Listen to what I’m about saying,
This is not the same me.
That you knew some years ago
From mapoly.

I’m sorry I kept you waiting,
It’s never been easy after Nysc
My dear, it was this hustling thing
That has made me too busy.

I’m sorry,
If I sound selfish
Knowing age is not on your side
As a lady.

That’s why I went for a while
So that two of us won’t suffer.
I may have made you cry in the past,
then, I was just a young man,
Looking for strength and balance.

Now I’m back
And have swallowed my pride
I hope we can start all over ?

i would love to
Propose to you in the market,
And in any open place.

I hope you would say YES?
I hope you won’t turn me down
Like we see in videos
That spread on internet?

I’m assuring you
above all other things
I’ll consider you first.

Now,I want to focus
On what will bring us joy
And it’s you that can make it
I mean,you can make me happy
And it’s beyond money
Even though I consider it necessary.

You know I’m a connoisseur of love
And iam willing to unleash all on you
By heaven’s grace I won’t fall
Our love will stand tall.

did I just hear
You are about to marry?

I thought you would wait!
For your sake I had suffered
Both in the sun and rain.

Who is your new guy?
Is it the one I knew back then,
That I considered my rival?
Or the one that lives in canada?

I don’t think they can love you
Like I would do
Ain’t sure they can sing your feelings
Nor make you freaky
Like I would do.

Will you reconsider my plea
Or move on as you pleased
Oh sorry,as they wished?
I’m sure family pushing you to do this.

They say you are getting old
That,Your mates
Are now with kids
What’s taking you so long?

TÒLÁNÍ will you still be with me
Or marry the rich man
With the pot-belly?

I thought you promised to wait
There’s nothing else I’ll say.
Hustle comes with many pains
One of it,is a love that can’t wait.

Yea,love that can’t wait…

I write this poem, in dedication to every Young Man,hustling to ensure everything is fine before considering love.

With time,all things will heal
The future is bright.

(C)Seye Adenle

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