June 8, 2023

I can’t forget this experience some years back. I boarded an airpeace from Lagos to Akwa Ibom because Calabar Air Port was closed down for renovations during Carnivals.

I remembered vividly that I sat beside one Refined Gentleman and a Pilot but he wasn’t flying on that day.  We had an interesting discussion. It was such a fun.

When we landed at Ibom airport; we were waiting for our luggages. The Pilot asked me if I knew the young man that sat beside me; I told him; no. He told me that’s Paul Okoye. I screamed; and shouted; why didn’t you tell me when we were inside the plane.

Immediately, I  went to search for him and learnt that the Governor sent vehicle to pick him up.

We really had a good rapport inside plane. He was polite, jovial and understanding.

I am really longing to have another handshake with Paul Okoye.


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