June 8, 2023


Written:Seye Adenle

I can see,
anxiety flashing through your eyes.
You have a vision too,
That you find hard to describe.

When you try to say it in your
own language
They say,
your message is not clear
That you are just a child blabbing.

Little did they know,
That a baby too
can be weird
And a toddler could as well be right.

You have a precious life
But, sadly in a community of people
With little plans.

You’re a baby with a bright future!
You are precious,
you’re a treasure
And your worth?
It’s something that can’t be measured.

You deserve all the care child,
Listen to me,
You deserve it!

You deserve all the love
But, your society ignores
The essence of your being
No wonder you are left on the street
To figure out your own needs.

They want you to grow fast
So,you no longer be a disturbance.
They feel,
Training you come with big price.

And when you are lucky to grow tall
You become the pride of their egos
All of those who trained you with mouth
On foundations that has plenty cracks.

From little,you have been vulnerable
To disease, sufferings and inadequacy
You struggle for everything
Including barriers of your own

You want pen not pain
You need life not death
You want protection
Not condemnation
You want education
Not modern day slavery
You need inspiration,not depression.

You are an African child
Black and chocolate
Special, unique and well articulate
Talented and well moulded for excellence.

All African child deserve the best across the🌎 globe
Ig @sa_dpoet
Picture @oyastudioz

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