December 9, 2023

An aged woman Mrs. Stella Temidayo Wickliffe, Messrs. Bankole, Oluwole Wickliffe (Sons) and her brother in-law, Mr. Kayode Faderin have petition China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) over assault, molestation and brutalization meted out on them.

The petitioner, Mrs. Wickliffe said about 4pm on the 25th February, 2021, while driving her Lexus 300 Saloon car, a trailer belonging to the Chinese company hit her vehicle, noting that the Driver (Abdul Rasheed), pleaded to follow him to his company at Alagbomeji, which the petitioner obliged.

According to the Wickliffe, “upon arrival at the Company’s Construction Site with her sons and her brother in-law, Faderin to meet the Personnel Manager of the Company, (Mr. Adebayo) and his Assistant to negotiate how to repair the damaged car.

She noted that while assessing the damaged car by using phone to cover it at the premises of the company, in a jiffy, the Personnel Manager and his Assistant instructed the Company’s security men and some thugs numbering about 10 to beat them up.

“Indeed, we are beating to stupor for just no reason, we are prevented to record the incident at their premises, we are assaulted, molested and brutalized with Military Belts, planks and wood by the aforementioned security Men and Thugs, one of them named, Taribo put on Military fatigue, disguising to be Military man,” Mrs. Wickliffe said
Mrs. Wickliffe, who was on medication also descended upon and beaten to a stupor for challenging their authority to assault and brutalize her sons, noting that Mr. Faderin who was trying to settle the rift was also pushed to the ground and brutalize as well, with Samsung A30 belonging to Mr. Oluwole Wickliffe badly damaged

Messrs Bankole and Oluwole Wickliffe have to seek for medical attention at the Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Cathedral and Clinic Yaba for injuries sustained in the course the beaten, where they were examined, diagnosed and treated for severe injuries.

According to her, “we are really suffered physical, psychological and mental torture from the company, as well as incurred huge medical bills conducting series of medical test as a result of injuries sustained from company’s security men and thugs on the order Personnel Manager and his Assistant.

Wickliffe, in her petition demanded for the sum of N50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Naira), for the assault and brutalization meted out to them by the Company’s security men and thugs, within 7 days of reminder of the receipt of the petition or with no option other than to seek redress in the competent Court of Law.


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