December 4, 2023

Reports has it that a team of security operatives have arrested Eight former Staff of BARAZA Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited over allegations ranging from conspiracy, abuse of office, sabotage, fraud to cybercrime.

It was gathered that one Kingsley Feboke, former director of operations of Baraza Multipurpose Cooperative Society and close ally to the CEO, allegedly masterminded and led a cartel in siphoning of hundreds of millions of naira belonging to the Cooperative.

It was further gathered that Feboke who is a close friend to the CEO Pastor Miebi Bribina was implicated in the financial sleaze by some staff of the cooperative who were earlier arrested by the DSS weeks ago after an ongoing audit exercise exposed their alleged criminal activities

The Chief Executive Officer of Baraza Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Miebi Bribena disclosed that some of his indicted staff in the ongoing investigation of the organization bought oil vessels, built mansions in choice places and acquired state of the art cars.

He also said some of them allegedly established their own Cooperative Societies with the proceeds of the money they fraudulently obtained from Baraza – a confession he claimed they have all made to security agents investigating the matter.

Bribena said in a bid to cover their alleged fraudulent acts and to ensure that Baraza goes underground, some of them advised him to run away, but that he refused because he knew it was a wrong thing to do.

It was learnt that while the initial capital was being diverted for their personal businesses ranging from setting up of their own cooperatives, paying for vessels, building of houses in several places to buying properties in different locations, their sole aim was to ensure that they crash the system before leaving.

He said that he was worried because whenever he was due for payment he didn’t receive his monthly payment, and as a result he approached one of the staff and drew the CEO’s attention to his matter who immediately sent his complaints to the audit team for investigations.


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