June 8, 2023

Amb Anjorin chides Outgone Ekiti LGA Chairman, blast him for been a political harlot.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde, National Coordinator for Saraki Peace Ambassadors Movement who is an Ekiti LGA by blood and birth has today blasted Sacked and Outgone Ekiti LGA Chiairman, Yinka Dallas.

The Young Political Advocate has described Yinka Dallas’s step as Misplace of priority and Display of Outmost Selfishness.


Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde expressed disappointment in the Outgone LGA Party Chairman, he said “that’s why some of us don’t trust some Youth Frontliners, and Comrades solely because they’re too ambitious and not too considerate, imagine the LGA Chiairman that had the opportunity to treat his people right but refused, his failure was obvious and he should have said he is identifying with this present Administration because of the failure they have in common”.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde also said it is disheartening to watch Com Yinka Dallas reading doctored speech for Serverance and Personal Agenda, now claiming to be fighting for the wise and good people of Ekiti LGA who already knows the kind of person he (Dallas) is made up of.

Well, I don’t mind him, He also wants to take his share of Asaro Elepo rede rede as a senior colleague do call it, if not I have just 2 questions for him.

Firstly, Why Applauding this administration??.

Secondly, Mention 5 projects/ infrastructural this Administration did in Ekiti LGA that made him join this administration??

As Ekiti Son of the soil, i warn all over-ambitious and selfishness political harlot to using our name as cover in further dealings.

I also challenge this administration to wake from slumber on Security, Infrastructural development, S.M.E Schemes that will improve the everyday livelihood of our good(Ekiti) people, for I will not cover my eyes like the unloyal outgoing Chairman but will call a spade a spade, Because you don’t expect a farmer to go on with his normal farming amidst high security threat???.

On that regards we urge this administration to do the necessity and factor out how to ease everyday life of our Ekiti People.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde,
Isare-Opin, Ekiti LGA, Kwara State.

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