Letter to Anabella -Written by Seye Adenle

Letter to Anabella

Written Seye Adenle

So many times,
I ask my self the question why,
Why you chose to kiss my lies?
it was hard to say I can’t be with you,
So you won’t think,
I take you for a fool.

My feelings about you,
compel me to disguise
Not that,
there was no truth in my eyes,
I was just being careful not to make
You cry.

Tell me what’s in my swag,
That made you trespass beyond limits
Shouldn’t you have some forms of dignity too
I mean; as a pretty lady?

You caressed me with your thoughts,
Not minding if I make the touch
On that body of yours,
For people to see it’s us.

You desired me with a haunted heart
Not minding if I was willing to return
the favor with a tender mind.

You lured me to touch you down
where no one does,
“I can’t see us in future”
I gave my words.

You insists I messed up
And I should fuck off!
As if na me start the fire first
Why you come dey vex?

Oh we did sex!
To me it was just a fun,
For you, it was a whole lot!
Now i know, I also got it wrong.

Please, let’s carry on!
Let’s move on as we pleased
Let’s clean our heads from the mess,
Forgiveness should be our take.

Dear Anabella please 🙏

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