June 10, 2023

The Business magnate Mr. Saheed Abodunrin (Emperor Genghis Cdorf) has this to say when he was asked what his motives were for awarding scholarships to students.

“As a middle class Nigerian, I grew up not having all I desire, and all I wanted was to have all I require to earn a sensible and comfortable living”. This process took me through extra courses and at so many times, I know how much financial impediment disqualified me from obtaining the necessary knowledge at a point in time. This is so saddening and discomforting and may let one lose focus and the courage to go on. Nothing beats having a sponsor to help through the financial hassles. While I continue to learn more myself, I know the importance of knowledge to acquire skills because skills ranks anyone one step above the unfavorable circumstances that can surround their birth or the society they may come from.

       (See how to qualify in the flier)

This motive has pushed me as a person to help people acquire skills, invest in human resource and empower my community. Just to be noted, this scholarship is a runway for our airplane to rise to the sky and continue to fly forever.

Conclusively, I will implore the awardees of this scholarship to make good use of this opportunity and grow more so they can take the chance to reach their peak and offer a strong arm to help more helpless people”.

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