September 21, 2023

Mr Liman Salihu celebrates Mr Aminu Gadanya on his birthday.

This is to join other well wishers, particularly NBA Kano branch in rejoicing with a friend and brother, AMINU GADANYA on the occasion of his birthday today 14th November 2021.

Mr Aminu Gadanya, no doubt is a quintessential Bar leader and cosmopolitan personality who has successfully built a bridge across all branches of NBA. The handsome chairman of NBA Kano branch is renowned for his humility, charisma, simplicity, honesty, and most importantly good leadership qualities and sagacity in his leadership capacity that has further put kano branch in comity of respected branches.

Mr chairman, I wish you happy birthday and pray that God Almighty continues to be with you and all yours.

Happy birthday Mr Chairman!

Former Chairman,
NBA Lokoja Branch

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