June 8, 2023

he unrest in the state is now taking a new shape and it is not getting any better, the recent cases of kidnapping and Armed robbery have been sources of concern for the people and the intertribal skirmish at Mandate Market,Ilorin is yet another whipping on our  unity as a people.

This is not what we need, especially not at this moment when the unity of our country is at its lowest, every citizen and good government are expected to play their parts in the security and unity of their states.

But coming down to the state of harmony where one would expect harmonious relationship among people of different stratification, religion and ethnicity but the face-off between the Yoruba and Hausa traders at the mandate market, is a sad betrayal of that appellation.

That incident, unfortunately is just another paragraph on this long essay of insecurity in the state, just like the Share/ Kangre conflict and this is becoming overwhelming, especially having a government who doesn’t seem to care at all.

It seems the Governor has detached himself from all things that concern security of the state, I mean after buying cars for the police a year ago or so, what else has the Governor done with his security votes to enhance its effectiveness in the state?.

The Governor has definitely reneged on his promises to serve the state as the chief Security officer, he doesn’t even give any meaningful statement concerning these matters.

One would question oneself, is he even concerned at all? because the Governor has been a master at ignoring reports everytime these unfortunate occurrences happen in the state, not even a word comes from the Government house.

It is hard to see a government stand so far away from the realities of its people ,like they are not his responsibilities, our once peaceful state has become a dreadful place to live in, everyone is now scared for their dare lives which is quite understandable, nowadays people are now being abducted right from the comfort of their homes.

As the chief security officer of the state who gets security votes every month, one would expect a synergy between himself and the security operatives in the state but he doesn’t even have meetings or briefing with them unless a crime has been committed.

Why should we even be surprised?  the man doesn’t even hold cabinet meeting with members of his ‘makeshift’ cabinet ,AbdulRahman runs the government like a personal venture ,our Commonwealth for that matter.

Kwara security architecture is barely surviving on the sheer determination of our underfunded security agencies and the local vigilante.

For the sake of Kwarans and the posterity that will come calling, AbdulRahman shouldn’t just refer to the past administration when he and his ‘Samurai’ engage in their smear campaign and giving of negative rhetorics.

They should learn from His Excellency Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki how he was able to ameliorate the security challenges he met on ground upon assuming office, the most pronounced of which was the secret cult problem across our higher institutions, but now we have them in our secondary schools, disappointing.

It’s disappointing that the Governor and his propaganda team led by his CPS will embark on series of blabbering and lies about His Excellency Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki who served  Kwara State as Governor almost 18years ago.

We know even Saraki’s shadow haunts and makes them panic, we understand and will like to assure  them that His Excellency  Dr Abubakar  Bukola  Saraki CON despite being ready to serve his people when the need arise, cannot  contest for the Governor of kwara State in 2023 or any other time again.

The current Government is under the radar , they should communicate to the people what they have achieved with the huge resources accrued to them in almost three years in government, almost #300bn is a huge fund for any Government to run the state.

As for us in PDP, a Credible  Governorship  candidate will emerge through Democratic process as it is the tradition of our party.

And we urge the likes of Chief Iyiola  Oyedepo who are pushing the agenda of a ” new party of sort” to present themselves to the people and see if they can fool them again, the evil done to them is still fresh in their mind, people now know the far distance between the truth and lies.

Their antics on the radio with lies and false propaganda in 2018/ 19 to usher in this present Government have brought nothing but misery on the people who they have lost favour with.

They should know they cannot fool kwarans again with thier lies and false rhetorics.

A word they say is enough for the wise, this is our candid advice for those who have ears to hearken.

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