June 8, 2023


Words of preachers I killed,
Tales I promise to tell
People I couldn’t check
Love that I couldn’t see
And feelings I couldn’t feel.

Remind me,
of awards I need to win !
Places I should see,
Stories I could write
and the world I could create.

Remind me ,
of weakness I could conquer
Folks I should inspired
And the dreams I could aspire.

Remind me essence of my being,
Challenges in my society,
And the things I could fix.

Remind me of all I can be,
I mean;all that I need to embrace
to make me a better me
And us a better we.

Remind me,
of my love for humanity,
my desire to always
meet needs,
and not be greedy.

Remind me,
if I’m already becoming
a victim to the things I preach against.

Remind me if I’m slowing
And not getting along
With the way things are changing.

Remind me,
if I’m falling in line
to dictate of oppressors.

Remind me,
if my pen is not doing justice,
to the things that happening
across the country

Remind me,
if I’m throwing away my ideals
Of pan-africanism

Remind me,remind me…

#SA #poet #writer #seyeadenle

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