June 10, 2023

I have come in my usual character
yes,I have come !
waiting on you patiently,
Like i do to my lord,
and I pray you don’t delay
Like a nigga that won’t cum.

My heart is heavy,
and the body empty
pressure too mounting from
the walls around me
I’m believing you will save me
Out of any kind of thinking
that’s drowning.

Weeks in ,weeks out,
My aspirations never seize,
to wax and wane.
help me not to fall,
from the goals I chase
If it’s strength I need,
give me the courage to wait.

I have been told
You can see me through,
even on roads that is tiny like needle
If it’s true,
Please,see me through
So,I don’t choose a path
that’s not true.

I know you know;
days are sometimes long,
But it seems the nights I sees,
are much longer !
and I don’t want to stagger
So,bless me with the grace
That will make me balance.

Give me a new song
that no one has ever think of
A Song that’s great
that the whole world would love to sing along.


#seyeadenle #SA #poet #writer

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