June 9, 2023

*Gaa-Akanbi youths denies supporting Gov Abdulrahman for second term, Fault State Government for politicking the affairs of Gaa-Akanbi People* .

Countless *Gaa-Akanbi* residents have denied lauding Gov AbdulRazaq for anything at anytime.

The youths which responded to a post shared by some people the community youths calls political dumies.

The Joint Gaa-Akanbi Youth Chairman, *Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde* describes the interview posted by one purityboom as funny and documented, he faults the present state government for playing politics with the affairs of the *Gaa-Akanbi* people, Amb Anjorin said the *Gaa-Akanbi* community is an area where the population has trippled for over thr last 4 years, due to the fact that the peaceful community links to other Countless communities like Oke-Ogun, Ita-Olodan, Ago and so on, *Amb Anjorin* said he remembered the road was rehabilitated during the administration of *Sen.Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki,* he said since then, and till now, the road has been in poor State.

*Amb Anjorin* said the youths should have applauded the present administration for remembering the road after ignoring them since he resumed office in 2019, but now here when it’s time for campaign.

When Gov AbdulRazaq first visited the road, he saw the state and he promised us they will intervene immediately but they refuse to show up until we started posting on all media pleading and begging, thanks to the good face of *Ilorin South* , Hon Agboola who represents Ilorin South Constituency at the State House of Assembly heard our cry and visited us, he met with youths and elders, promised us to be our voice, which he tried to, but they tried to silent him through intimidation by Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon Agboola that represents we good and peaceful *Gaa-Akanbi* youths was punished for saying the truth, he was penalised for standing with his people, as at this time, the same environment affected by the worse condition of roads was in total blackout for 7 months until we contributed to buy and install a new transformer.

We are of a strong belief that the Gov AbdulRazaq led government ignored us because they feel we are Saraki Special Community which is no doubt, hence we fault the present state government for politicking the affair of the *Gaa-Akanbi* community.

For the above reasons and some few reserved reasons for future purposes, the *Gaa-Akanbi* youths withdraw herself from such a comment, and denied *Gaa-Akanbi* residents gave a nod or can ever support the second time aspiration of any person.

*Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde.
Chairman, Joint Gaa-Akanbi Youth.*

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