*Youth inclusiveness, a must during next general elections.* ~ Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde.

Nigerians should not try to undermine youth's strength.

Nigerian youths across boards are of over 211,408,708, which is over 70 percent of Nigerian population.

Nigerians should not try to undermine their strength in other words, all sectors and formations must try and institute a youth friendly society, only by this will youths be able prove their millinuem sense to develop the country.

Politically, only leaders with foresight wll engage proactive youths in driving the national course for more effectiveness.

The most common saying in Nigeria is that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, meanwhile old ones are the main problems of anticipating and proactive youths.

In Kwara South, Politically, the main enimies of the youths are the eldership and leadership.

They feel insulted by youths expressions and actions.

They feel threatened by the young ones success and they call it all sort of names.

The cultivated a culture that does not encourage the young ones.

In 2019, Sen.Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON preached Youthful candidature and led by obvious example, the old folks sabotaged his golden efforts, they misinterpreted the whole thing and influenced lots of visionless youths into working against the Youthful candidature of Sen.Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON.

The origin of our loss as a party, was from the last kwara south re-run elections when a youth(Alh Saheed Alatise) was chosen to fly the party flag in Irepodun LGA, the Old ones felt they were not part of the process and they worked against the candidature but things didn’t work the way they thought as it affected all other LGA and we lost the state.

The old ones, unlike other countries have not still woken up to the reality of today, of this country and state.

Kwarans old politicians, especially Kwara South hates to see youths grow, they see them as enimies, we feel they may be overshadowed meanwhile most of them have lost the shadows they’re protecting.

This time around, if we ready wants genuine change, youths must constitute 40 percent of political offices.

The old ones must be made to realise that the experiences they have are what we young aspiring youths be seeking, but the experiences have not successfully convinced the young ones.

For over 60 years of this great country, the old ones have led us yet we have no good road, no lights, no business environment and infrastructural developments, Kwara South is worse of and till with nothing to show for all years of active politics, yet the old ones yarn they want to contest again to do a miracle they have not done since inception of democracy.

It’s a shameful thing to see aged men on billboards across kwara south, some have been to the offices but feel its not enough, they want some terms more, some wants to switch to a bigger houses at national or state but its all because most have lost the real sense of humour, while other have lost their ability to think as humans, if not they should know they have failed themselves, their political parties and they should honorably retire before youths retire them.

If truly Nigerians and Kwarans wants real change, then they must give room for it, they must give chances to young ones to do it and support them with our wealth of experience.

A stitch at nine saves time.

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