June 10, 2023


I use this medium to celebrate Nigerian workers all over the Country. Today marks another historic moment to reflect and celebrate you all.

I celebrate your hardwork through the years. I celebrate your many toils, sacrifices and dedication to work and duty.

Despite the insecurity, risk, underpayment, unfair labour practices and harsh conditions surrounding your work experience; I take some quality time today to celebrate you and salute your doggedness, tenacity and industry.

I celebrate you — wholeheartedly. Despite all these challenges highlighted in the previous paragraph, you still strive to make meaningful contributions to the economy and the society at large. I tell you all: _”This calls for celebration and I so do”._

Despite your not being paid salaries in the name of “no-work-no-pay” that our government espoused, you strive hard to contribute your quota to the development of our nation. I urge you all not to be discouraged but to be steadfast and uphold the ethics of hard work, diligence and honesty.

Similarly, I charge you all to explore more sources of income that are dignifying but devoid of crimes.

Once again, I celebrate your courage. I celebrate your bravery. As a patriotic Nigerian, I encourage you not to give up on the Nigerian “Project”; for no matter how bad this country treats us, we must find a way to fix it for our common good and the good of our children ( and their children). We have no country to go. In building our country, you are not alone. We are together in the project Nigeria.

Rome was built by Romans. We expect no one to build Nigeria for us. We will do it and we can do it even better than Romans did with their country.

As we celebrate workers’ day today, please remember that the challenges facing this nation, Nigeria, requires our collective and concerted efforts to surmount. It is my strong conviction that if we must surmount these challenges that has bedeviled us as a nation; we must be patriotic, persistent and consistent at all times.


Chairman; Arewa YLF, Former Chairman;
NBA-YLF Ilorin Branch.

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