*Com Adetunbi Lawal-Anisulogun, former Students Union leader disassociate self from anti Party activities*

AMS introduced us to Kwankwaso

*Com Adetunbi Lawal-Anisulogun,former Students Union leader disassociate self from anti Party activities*

For the past few days I have received several calls and messages from family, friends colleagues and Associates questioning my political stands over viral pictures and information trending online that one Sukanmi Ereoye from Irepodun LG claimed that me alongside some other young PDP party faithfuls has defected with him to the newly formed NNPP thou I chose not to reply because my appearance in the picture really say so much about my stand but I was advised to come out with little explaination..

Sometimes October 2021 during the last PDP Congress in Abuja, I left Eagle square alongside some of my friends who were also in the said picture to our hotel, on our way to the hotel Sunkanmi Ereoye called to asked about our location and we told him, few minutes later he came to the hotel alongside one Prince Toye Adetoyese from Oyun LG, we exchanged greetings and started our normal gist but during the course of our conversation Prince Toye made mention of one fair Offa man that I don’t even know, and he said he’s Asiwaju Mashood Shittu AMS by name and he will be happy if we can meet the man because he’s youthful just like us, he called the guy and he showed up after 30 minutes or so, after introduction and some discussion with AMS he made us realize that he’s an Aide to H.E Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and he will like us to meet him tonight, it was around 12am in the midnight he gave a call to confirm Kwankwaso’s whereabouts and he confirmed to us that he’s in his Lakechad Mansion at Maitama, since HE R.M Kwankwaso was a Chieftain of our great Party we couldn’t declined his offer and we went straight to his house.

on getting there AMS introduced us to Kwankwaso as youths from his senatorial district and i was ask to talk and give remarks alongside my friend who is an aspirant for the state house of Assembly during the just concluded primary election race, we both made it known to Kwankwaso that we as Kwarans have a political ideology and tradition that anywhere our leader HE. SEN. Bukola Saraki goes is where our loyalty lies and we can never do otherwise because in his leadership we trust and when we were about to leave we had a group photograph and we left…

But to my surprise Ereoye has being spreading fake information and propaganda all around that me alongside some other PDP youths has followed him to NNPP, I still remain a strong and loyal PDP members likewise others aswell and I’ll like the general public to know that it’s only Ereoye and Toye that left to the structureless NNPP with AMS .

PDP Power
PD & P Oloyeeeee

Comrade Adetunbi Lawal-Anisulogun
Opin ward
Ekiti LG, Kwara state

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