My Manifestos: Alhaji Sekoni Saad Isiaq

My Manifestos:

Alhaji Sekoni Saad Isiaq

All praises, adorations and gratitude to Almighty Allah, subhahu wata’ala, the beginning and the end, the owner and custodian of heaven and earth for giving me rear opportunity to stand before this Noble and Prestigious Association to manifest my humble intention.

The Chairperson, Secretary and Members of Electoral Committee.
Learned Silks, Seniors and my friends.

My name is Sekoni Saad Isiaq, a legal practitioner practice here in in Ilorin branch for many years.

I am running for the post of Treasurer of this noble branch in the forthcoming election of our branch.

Of course, you may not associate Practice with finance but when it comes to money, it is essential that you think like a lawyer.

My Mission

If elected, I will foster financial accountability and a transparent inclusive and consensus-oriented treasury that would focus on the immediate needs of all members.


To put the Bar before politics and any other interest, with a clear vision for NBA’s future.

The interest of the Bar at large is my mandate. If elected, I intend to perform my constitutional duties judiciously with high level of integrity by applying the wealth of experience gathered in the past as I am serving presently as Financial Secretary of MULAN, Ilorin Branch. I Previously served as Vice Chairman, Young Lawyers’ Forum, Ilorin Branch and Member of various committee of NBA and YLF respectively.

My motivation to serve was borne out of the fact that in the past, I had joined in criticizing past administrations in one way or the other, for not adequately meeting the needs of our members.

As a member of Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin, I know members of this Noble profession will be eager to pay membership fees/Practicing Fees within the comfort of their room, register for their conferences easily when they feel fulfilled with the service delivery system of NBA.

I therefore assure great members of this Noble Profession that If elect as Treasurer of the Association, I will ensure that the funds of the Association and its members are managed efficiently.

I will work closely with the relevant committees to ensure money contributed by members of this Association is spent judiciously.

I will be the best to be a very trustworthy and cooperative person in Saving money in every possible ways and work carefully about Association’s finance.

I will work well with a team and will make sure that the committee is regularly updated about the financial status of the Association.

Believe it or not, I have never been in overdraft and that must mean something when it comes to our profession.

I have great organisation skills and I am known for recording every one of my expenses dutifully.

I will ensure that our members with good financial standing are able to freely access loan facilities from our Association Bank.

I would love to be a part of the Executive Committee of the NBA ilorin brance and hope my manifesto explains why my addition to the executive team will be a good plus.

As a committed member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin Branch, I have served our noble Association relentlessly and gallantly as committee member
Of the Branch. I have served as member of Welfare Committee, Continue Legal Education Committee, Abuse of Legal Document Committee among others.

Many atime, our members particularly the young lawyers have not really enjoyed the benefits attached to being a members of this prestigious Association as much as they should. Hence, the rationale behind my interest in serving our Bar Association with a view to contributing my quota towards ensuring that we have the Bar Association of our dream.


We don’t do the play of acrobatics infront of Monkey’s House, ‘ Akisere Okiti Lojude Obo’ and also Sweet mouth does not sell notorious cat ‘ Enu dundun ko ta Musu ehanna’.

It is my belief that there is nothing I can say here to convince you saved I execute all these promises.

With my clear vision to advance the Legal Profession and enhance the welfare of lawyers through effective and efficient management of the NBA Treasury, I believe our Branch can be more responsive, robust and
vibrant. I am passionately committed to apply my time, my experience, all the goodwill I can muster, my network of
professional relationships and exposure, my competence and core service values to ensure that with the support
of Almighty God, grace of Prophet Muhammad, esteemed members of this leading Branch of the great Association.

Clearly, this vision cannot be actualized without your support and cooperation. In the circumstance, therefore, I am with the greatest respect and humility, asking for your support and the opportunity to serve as the NBA, Ilorin Branch Treasurer so that I can actualize these plans for our dear NBA, Ilorin Branch.



Sekoni Saad Isiaq Esq

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