June 8, 2023



Greetings to our revered Learned Silks, my dearest Seniors, Colleagues and esteemed Supporters.

My name is Olayinka Dauda Jimoh and I seek your most cherished votes to be the next Secretary of our very own great branch, NBA-Ilorin Branch.

Over the past few weeks, I visited your offices or met with you one on one and equally shared my vision with you on how I intend to build on the legacies of our leaders in the past. I have shared with you Sirs and Mas my mission and dreams to ensure that we continue to play down what divides us as a branch and promote only positive and innovative programmes and ideas.

I have told you how ready I am to give my time, attention and determination to selflessly serve our esteemed branch and uphold the constitution of our dear association in every respect.

My plans as contained in my manifestos are feasible, pragmatic, possible, realistic and very realizable; Ultimately, I will be needing your votes to translate these noble ideas into realities.

I have a track record of achieving set plans as I have demonstrated at the level of NBA-ILORIN Young Lawyers’ Forum and the Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum. Sincerely, I will not let you down in any way.

An all-inclusive secretariat is one that accommodates everybody and sees that the Secretariat is constantly doing its best to keep the association running, to keep raising the flag of excellence, and to also prioritize the interests and welfare of members.

I want to assure you, sirs and mas that if you give me this golden opportunity to serve you; I will ensure that the Secretariat is digitalized and accessible for all members of the bar; I will also ensure that the service delivery from the secretariat is top-notch and excellent. Areas like quick processing of seals and stamps, notary public applications and letters of good standings would be handled by the secretariat with utmost speed and efficacy. Minutes of meetings and constant updates from the secretariat would be ensured too. I appeal that you give me this chance to be able to actualize these plans.

You will be proud of what the NBA Secretariat will become within the two years of my service as Secretary and with the team spirit that I will bring on board, the incoming Executive members will collectively promote positive ideals that will promptly heed to the yearnings and aspirations of all members.

At this point, I know that campaigns are winding up. I want to thank my campaign team for the good work that they have done. I may not be able to mention the names of all the members of my campaign team as they are enormous. I want to thank them for the dedication and commitment towards spreading my campaign, pushing my manifestos and selling my candidacy. I can’t thank them enough. But I pray that God Almighty bless them. I am grateful to them.

In conclusion, I thank you all for reading this and your support over the campaign period and as I wind down campaign activities, I urge you to cast your vote for me to actualise all that are in my manifestos for the good, progress and prosperity of all lawyers Young and Old.



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