April 1, 2023

*Presidency 2023* ; *Muslim Muslim Ticket, a gateway to religion crises and anarchy ~Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde* .

Nigeria is presently a country with a Christian/Muslims ticket, a core islamist as a president and a redeem pastor as his vice, yet we’re where we are, facing everyday kidnapping and murder of school pupils, travellers, priests, bishops, worshippers, and Nigerians generally, what would Nigeria be like if a Muslims/Muslims Tickets was considered?.

According to the former acting Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, he revealed that a total of 1,071 people were killed in religion-related cases across the country in the first quarter of 2019 alone, talk less the worse senerio after that, which claimed countless of our brothers and sisters from across the country.

The idea of picking candidates from the two major religion Nigeria admits is to give sense of belonging to the religion, having realised that the candidates from two religion will be able to demonstrate equality and forster more relationships between the two religions, yet they failed to unite us as one indivisible entity.

It’s disheartening that the All Progressive Congress (APC) can bring such a hilarious idea of Muslim/Muslim ticket, at this seamy time when we are not yet free from the affliction they brought on Nigerians the first time (2019), even without a Muslim/Muslim ticket of a thing.

I now believe the Muslim/Muslim ticket is a pass to completely terrorise and Islamise Nigeria as lots of people have predicted in the past.

Thanks to the proactive and the best Senate President Nigeria ever had, Sen.Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON, who halted the first funny idea while on sit as the leader of the most competent chamber, the 8th Senate, which led to his political witch-hunt while in office.

It sadden me that after all years of hardship,killings, kidnappings, and relooting the looted funds, APC are here again with an impossible mission into complete religious war, and division, at a time when Nigeria needs peace, needs unity, and need a unifer like Alh Atiku Abubakar.

However, putting the affairs of this great country, in the hands of two desperate Muslims is very risky and may lead to anarchy, which may be caused by lack of power, lack of organization, lack of governance idea, or all of the above.

As deligent nigerians, we shouldn’t afford to let our only country turn to what the enimies of Nigeria want but what we optimistic citizens want, the lawlessness and the absolute power given to the thugs of lagos state, home-base of APC presidential candidate, with the hoarding of killers and Kidnappers from the home based of the APC vice presidential aspirant must not be allowed to spread across the country.

Emilokan, the sense of believe that the leadership of this great country is someone’s else’s turn is very absurd, and abnormal because the word “Emilokan” sounds like the APC presidential candidate and some other enimies of this great country under the umbrella of an evil political party APC, have been having some meetngs where they share presidency seat, and the glory of Nigeria, which all Nigeria must come together to put end to.

I charge all meaningful, hopeful and positive Nigerians to consider the news they’ve heard since APC’s reign, ‘if not the terrible experience’, and vote out the All Progressive Congress, for Alh Atiku Abubakar, the only candidate that can bring back our lost glory, refix our economy, and foster unity among Nigerians.

Having assessed all political parties in Nigeria today, it is no doubt that only the People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P) is well prepared for the task ahead, and the only party that symbolise hope for the ordinary Nigerians, therefore should be considered during come 2023 general elections.


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